Das Ende einer Erfolgsgeschichte

Der folgende Text ist die Orignalfassung der E-Mail, die alle registrierten Anwender der powerPen Applikationen zugeschickt bekamen.

We regret to inform you that powerPen, a student-run organization consisting of 26 software engineering students from Washington State University, is dissolving.

University guidelines state that all student-run organizations must have a faculty advisor. At this time no faculty members are available to replace Dr. Jeff Schlimmer, who is leaving WSU to pursue other opportunities. As a result powerPen is shutting down.

In the past three years powerPen has provided students the opportunity to work in a realistic business atmosphere and apply the theory they have learned in school to real-life situations. powerPen produced software programs which have been freely distributed to consumers over the Internet.
These programs include powerNotes, powerBack, Flashcard, NGP, and others. The organization members have had the opportunity to work directly with several software engineering firms; Apple, Adobe, AllPen, and iambic to name a few.

powerPen, the only student-run organization of its type, was instrumental in helping several students obtain both internships and permanent employment upon graduation. Organization activities have resulted in the donation of several thousands dollars worth of computer equipment to the university.

We regret the fact that the company is being dissolved and feel it will be a great loss to students and faculty as well as the computer science department.

We wish Dr. Schlimmer the best in his future endeavors and we thank the companies, as well as the individuals, who have faithfully supported our efforts.

March 14, 1997

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