System Services Errors

This section lists the different kinds of Newton system services errors

Sound Errors

These are the sound errors

Error Code Description
-30000 Generic sound error
-30001 Not enough memory available
-30002 Invalid message
-30003 Sound was not played
-30004 No channel decompressor
-30005 Destination buffer too small
-30006 Sound player busy
-30007 Sound recorder busy
-30008 No samples provided
-30009 Unsupported sound configuration
-30010 Sound channel closed
-30011 Sound cancelled
-30012 The sound volume is set to zero

Compression Errors

These are the compression errors

Error Code Description
-32001 Cannot compress in place
-32002 Parsing error
-32003 Invalid type
-32004 Compression not achieved
-32005 Key not found
-32006 Compression index error
-32007 Cannot decompress in place
-32008 Decompression not achieved
-32009 Unexpected end of source
-32100 Buffer overflow
-32101 Buffer underflow

Memory Errors

These are the memory errors

Error Code Description
-34000 Not free, direct or indirect
-34001 Pointer not aligned to 4-byte boundary
-34002 Pointer to outside of heap
-34003 Unknown infrastructure type
-34004 Free block where there shouldn't be one
-34005 Free list pointer points outside of heap
-34006 Free-list pointer doesn’t point at a free block
-34007 Invalid block size
-34008 Forbidden bits set in block size
-34009 Less than minimum size for heap block
-34010 Heap block tool large
-34011 Total free space is more than space for entire heap
-34012 Nil pointer where not allowed
-34013 Actual free space does not match tracked free space
-34014 Linked free space does not match tracked free space
-34015 Master pointer doesn't point back to a handle block
-34016 Invalid block size adjustment
-34017 Internal block may be mangled
-34018 The heap is invalid
-34019 Caught an exception while checking the heap
-34020 Invalid heap header

Communications Transports Errors

These are the communications transports errors

Error Code Description
-36001 Incorrect address format
-36002 Incorrect option format
-36003 Cancel is in progress
-36005 Could not allocated address
-36006 Operation not supported in the current tool state
-36008 System error
-36012 Flow control problem
-36018 Unsupported primitive
-36019 State change is in process
-36030 There’s already a synchronous call pending

Sharp IR Errors

These are the Sharp infrared errors

Error Code Description
-38001 No response - protocol time out
-38002 Cancelled - remote side cancelled operation
-38003 Protocol error
-38004 Data checksum failed
-38005 Remote side receive failed
-38006 Bad connection - allowed number of retries exceeded
-38007 SCC data errors on receive
-38008 Unspecified beaming error

Online Service Errors

These are the online service errors

Error Code Description
-40102 Lost connection to host
-40103 Lost connection to host
-40104 The host is not responding
-40105 There is a problem reading from the host
-40106 Failed to connect to local access number

Printing Errors

These are the printing errors

Error Code Description
-44000 Printer problem
-44001 Newton is unable to print
-44002 No printer is connected
-44003 Printer busy
-44004 Printing stopped
-44005 Lost contact with the printer
-44006 Image too complex for printer
-44100 The next sheet of paper must be inserted
-44101 The phone number must be dialed now
-44102 There is no paper tray
-44103 The wrong paper tray is attached
-44104 The printer has no paper
-44105 The printer has no ink
-44106 The printer is jammed
-44107 The printer door is open
-44108 The printer is off-line

Newton Connection Errors

These are the Newton connection errors

Error Code Description
-46001 Connection initialization failed
-46002 Timer error
-46003 Connection request was denied by the remote
-46004 Unable to connect because there are no endpoints available
-46005 A connect request was received but no service name was given
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