System Errors

This section lists the different kinds of Newton system software errors

Common Errors

These are errors that occur almost any time

Error Code Description
0 No error
-7000 Not enough memory available

Application Errors

These are the application errors

Error Code Description
-8001 PCMCIA card battery must be replaced
-8002 PCMCIA card battery is running low
-8003 Nothing to undo
-8004 The routing slip is already open
-8005 Close box must be tapped to hang up the modem
-8006 Nothing to print
-8007 Exception not handled
-8008 The length of a styles slot had to be extended
-8009 A length in the read-only styles slot is too short to display the text
-8010 Communications card has been inserted
-8011 Note has too many items
-8012 Note is too large
-8013 Note is too long
-8100 Blank note could not be created
-8101 Item could not be moved
-8102 Changes could not be saved
-8103 A problem has occurred
-8104 Problem with the PCMCIA card
-8105 Note could not be changed

I/O Box Errors

These are the I/O Box errors

Error Code Description
-8301 Missing transport
-8302 Missing slip
-8303 Cannot convert

View System Errors

These are the view system errors

Error Code Description
-8501 Could not create view
-8502 Missing class slot
-8503 Unknown view stationery
-8504 Missing view flags
-8505 Missing view bounds

State Machine Errors

These are the state machine errors

Error Code Description
-8601 Invalid state
-8602 No state
-8603 No wait state
-8604 No polling routine
-8605 Polling timed out
-8606 Aborted
-8607 No reentrance
-8608 Invalid mode

Operating System Errors

These are the operating system errors errors

Error Code Description
-10000 Bad domain object ID
-10001 Bad physical page object ID
-10002 Unexpected object type
-10003 No page table
-10004 Allocation on an uninitialized heap
-10005 Call not implemented
-10006 Bad parameters
-10007 Not enough memory
-10008 Item not found
-10009 Could not create object
-10010 Must use a remote procedure call
-10011 Bad object
-10012 Not a user call
-10013 Task does not exist
-10014 Unexpected end of message
-10015 Bad object ID
-10016 Bad message object ID
-10017 Message already posted
-10018 Cannot cash token
-10019 Port no longer exists
-10020 No message waiting
-10021 Communications problem (message timed out)
-10022 Bad semaphore group ID
-10023 Bad semaphore operation list ID
-10024 Semaphore group no longer exists
-10025 Semaphore would cause blocking
-10026 Task no longer exists
-10027 Task aborted
-10028 Cannot suspend blocked task
-10029 Bad register number
-10030 Bad monitor function
-10031 No such monitor
-10032 Not a monitor
-10033 Size too large in shared memory call
-10034 Shared memory mode violation
-10035 Object not owned by task
-10036 Object not assigned to task
-10037 Total confusion
-10038 Another task already blocking
-10039 Cancelled
-10040 Object already initialized
-10041 Nested collection
-10042 Shared memory message no longer exists
-10043 Receiver did not perform remote procedure call
-10044 Copy aborted
-10045 Bad signature
-10046 Call not in progress
-10047 Token expected
-10048 Receiver object no longer exists
-10049 Monitor is not suspended
-10050 Not a fault monitor
-10051 No available page
-10052 Interrupt not enabled
-10053 Interrupt not implemented
-10054 Tric interrupt not enabled
-10055 Tric interrupt not implemented
-10056 Unresolved fault
-10057 Call already in progress
-10058 Offset beyond data
-10059 Bus access
-10060 Access permission
-10061 Permission violation
-10062 Duplicate object
-10063 Ill formed domain
-10064 Out of domains
-10065 Write protected
-10066 Timer expired
-10067 Not registered
-10068 Already registered
-10069 System restarted due to a power fault
-10070 System restarted because the battery was dead
-10072 System restarted because a PCMCIA card was removed while in use.
-10073 RAM table is full
-10074 Unable to satisfy request
-10075 System error
-10076 System failure
-10077 New system software
-10078 Resource is claimed
-10079 Resource is unclaimed

Stack Errors

These are the stack errors

Error Code Description
-10200 Stack too small
-10201 No room for heap
-10202 Stack is corrupted
-10203 Stack overflow
-10204 Stack underflow
-10205 Address out of range
-10206 Bad domain

Package Errors

These are the package errors

Error Code Description
-10401 Bad package
-10402 Package already exists
-10403 Bad package version
-10404 Unexpected end of package
-10405 Unexpected end of package part
-10406 Part type is already registered
-10407 Part type is not registered
-10408 No such package exists
-10409 Newer package already exists
-10410 Newer version of application already installed
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