NewtonScript Environment Errors

This section lists the different kinds of NewtonScript error codes

Store and Soup Errors

These errors are related to stores and soups

Error Code Description
-48001 The PCMCIA card is not a data storage card
-48002 Store format is too old to understand
-48003 Store format is too new to understand
-48004 Store is corrupted, can't recover
-48005 Single object is corrupted, can't recover
-48006 Object stream has unknown format version
-48007 Fault block is invalid
-48008 Not a fault block
-48009 Not a soup entry
-48010 Tried to remove a store that was not registered
-48011 Soup index has an unknown type
-48012 Soup index has an unknown key structure
-48013 Soup index does not exist
-48014 A soup with this name already exists
-48015 Tried to CopyEntries to a union soup
-48016 Soup is invalid (probably from a removed store)
-48017 Soup is invalid (probably from a removed store)
-48018 Entry is invalid (probably from a removed store)
-48019 Key does not have the type specified in the index
-48020 Store is in ROM
-48021 Soup already has an index with this path
-48022 Internal error-something unexpected happened
-48023 Tried to call RemoveIndex on the _uniqueID index
-48024 Query type missing or unknown
-48025 Discovered index inconsistency
-48026 Maximum number of soup tags reached
-48027 Soup does not have a tags index
-48028 Invalid tags specification in the query
-48029 Store cannot handle the feature (for example, large objects)
-48030 Unknown sorting table
-48031 Cannot do union soup because of different sorting tables
-48032 Invalid index description
-48033 Cannot use virtual objects for soup entry keys

Object System Errors

These errors are related to the object system

Error Code Description
-48200 Expected a frame, array, or binary object
-48201 Invalid magic pointer
-48202 Empty path
-48203 Invalid segment in path expression
-48204 Path failed
-48205 Index out of bounds (string or array)
-48206 Source and destination must be different objects
-48207 Long out of range
-48210 Bad arguments
-48211 String too big
-48212 Expected a frame, array, or binary object
-48213 Expected a frame, array, or binary object
-48214 Object is read-only
-48216 Out of heap memory
-48217 Invalid attempted use of magic pointer
-48218 Cannot create or change an object to negative size
-48219 Value out of range
-48220 Could not resize locked object
-48221 Reference to deactivated package
-48222 Exception is not a subexception of |evt.ex|

Bad Type Errors

These errors are caused by data of the wrong type

Error Code Description
-48400 Expected a frame
-48401 Expected an array
-48402 Expected a string
-48403 Expected a frame, array, or binary object
-48404 Expected a number
-48405 Expected a real
-48406 Expected an integer
-48407 Expected a character
-48408 Expected a binary object
-48409 Expected a path expression (or a symbol or integer)
-48410 Expected a symbol
-48411 Expected a function
-48412 Expected a frame or an array
-48413 Expected an array or nil
-48414 Expected a string or nil
-48415 Expected a binary object or nil
-48416 Unexpected frame
-48417 Unexpected binary object
-48418 Unexpected immediate
-48419 Expected an array or string
-48420 Expected a virtual binary object
-48421 Expected a package
-48422 Expected nil
-48423 Expected nil or a symbol
-48424 Expected nil or true
-48425 Expected an integer or an array

Compiler Errors

These errors are generated by the compiler

Error Code Description
-48600 Could not open a listener window
-48601 Syntax error
-48603 Cannot assign to a constant
-48604 Cannot test for subscript existence; use length
-48605 Global variables not allowed in applications
-48606 Cannot have a global variable and a global constant with the same name
-48607 Cannot redefine a constant
-48608 Cannot have a variable and a constant with the same name in the same scope
-48609 Non-literal expression for constant initializer
-48610 End of input inside a string
-48611 Odd number of digits between \\u's
-48612 No escapes but \\u are allowed after \\u
-48613 Invalid hex character in \\u string
-48617 Two-digit hex number required after $\\ escape
-48618 Four-digit hex number required after $\\u
-48619 Illegal character '%c'
-48620 Invalid hexadecimal integer: %s (out of range)
-48621 Invalid real number (out of range)
-48622 Invalid decimal integer: %s (out of range)
-48626 #xxxx not allowed from NTK
-48627 Not a constant
-48628 Decimal digit required after @

Interpreter Errors

These are interpreter errors

Error Code Description
-48800 Not in a break loop
-48803 Wrong number of arguments
-48804 FOR loop BY expression has value zero
-48806 No current exception
-48807 Undefined variable
-48808 Undefined global function
-48809 Undefined method
-48810 No _proto for inherited send
-48811 Tried to access slot of nil
-48814 Local variables and FOR/WITH loops not allowed at top level
-48815 The operation would make the rich string invalid

Communications Endpoint Errors

These are the communications endpoint errors

Error Code Description
-54000 An active input spec is required
-54001 Error in the form slot of an input spec
-54002 Trying to send zero-length data
-54003 An input spec is required
-54004 The option you tried to set was missing
-54005 Error in the endSequence slot of an input spec
-54006 Used the Partial method with a bad input spec, or unable to do a partial input
-54007 Error in termination slot of input spec
-54008 Error in target slot of input spec
-54009 Error in filter slot of input spec
-54010 Attempted to receive binary data with no target object specified
-54011 Attempted to send or receive template data without a template specified
-54012 Tried to set an input spec when one was already active
-54013 Invalid value in filter proxy of input spec
-54014 Endpoint object is missing
-54015 Method not supported, or called inappropriately
-54016 The character specified in the filter proxy of the input spec is more than a single byte
-54021 Option failed
-54022 Option set, but set value is different from requested value
-54023 Set attempted on read-only option
-54024 Option not supported
-54025 Invalid option opcode
-54026 Option not found
-54027 One or more requested options missing
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