Lantern DDK Errors

This section lists the error codes for the Lantern Communication Tools Development Kit.

This section lists the error codes generated by the Data Link Layer of the Newton™ Operating System.

Error Code Description
-61001 eLANTERN_DriverNotFound
The driver could not be loaded
-61002 eLANTERN_DriverInstallFailed
The driver installation failed
-61003 eLANTERN_DriverRemoveFailed
The driver could not be removed
-61004 eLANTERN_DriverUnhandledEvent
The driver did not support the specified request
-61005 eLANTERN_DriverPacketDropped
The requested packet is no longer in the cache
-61006 eLANTERN_DriverException
The driver caused an exception to be thrown. Note that this is usually the evt.ex.abt.perm exception
-61007 eLANTERN_DriverNewAsyncFailed
An internal resource is depleted
-61008 eLANTERN_DriverCardNotInserted
The card handler is not available because RemoveServices was called
-61009 eLANTERN_DriverAlreadyReplied
The driver replied to an RPC twice
-61010 eLANTERN_DriverRequestNotRepliedTo
The driver did not reply to an RPC
-61200 eLANTERN_DriverValueRangeError
The supplied data values are out of range for the device
-61201 eLANTERN_DriverHardwareFailure
An unrecoverable hardware fault was detected
-61202 eLANTERN_DriverResourceFailure
The driver could not perform the operation due to lack of system resources
-61300 eLANTERN_ClientDispatchFailed
Dispatching events is not supported by this task
-61301 eLANTERN_ClientAlreadyBound
Attempt to bind a client that is already bound
-61302 eLANTERN_ClientNotBound
The operation requires the client to be bound
-61303 eLANTERN_ClientNoMemory
The client is out of memory
-61304 eLANTERN_ClientNewAsyncMsgFailed
An asynchronous request failed because an internal resource could not be accessed
-61305 eLANTERN_ClientInvalidTaskType
The requested operation is not supported by this task type
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