Hardware Errors

This section lists the different kinds of Newton hardware errors

PCMCIA Card Errors

These are PCMCIA card errors

Error Code Description
-10501 Unrecognized card
-10502 Card not ready
-10503 Bad power on card
-10504 Unexpected card error
-10505 Card reset
-10506 Card is not initialized
-10507 Card service is not installed
-10508 Card service is not suspended
-10509 Card service has not been resumed
-10510 No usable configurations on card
-10511 Card could not be formatted
-10512 Card could not be formatted because it is write-protected
-10520 Bad CIS parser procedure pointer
-10521 Unknown tuple in CIS
-10522 Unknown subtuple in CIS
-10523 CIS tuple order is bad
-10524 CIS tuple size is bad
-10525 CIS tuple specified as no link has a link
-10526 CIS tuple specified with a link has no link
-10527 CIS tuple link target is bad
-10528 Bad CIS tuple version 1
-10529 Bad CIS tuple version 2
-10530 Bad CIS JEDEC tuple
-10531 Bad CIS checksum
-10532 Missing CIS
-10533 Blank CIS
-10534 Bad CIS
-10535 Bad link target

Flash Card Errors

These are the flash card errors

Error Code Description
-10551 Flash card is busy
-10552 Flash card is not erasing
-10553 Flash card erase is not suspended
-10554 Flash card suspend erase error
-10555 Flash card erase failed
-10556 Flash card write failed
-10557 Flash card Vpp is low
-10558 Flash card error in sleep
-10559 Flash card does not have enough power

Card Handler Errors

These are the card handler errors

Error Code Description
-10582 kError_ATA_No_Partition Information

Card Store Errors

These are the card store errors

Error Code Description
-10600 Attempt to read or write outside of object bounds
-10601 Bad buffer pointer
-10602 Bad card access
-10603 Bad storage type
-10604 Store not found
-10605 The store has been write-protected by the user
-10606 Object not found
-10607 Flash card block is full
-10608 Flash card is not virgin
-10609 Write error (one or more bits failed to assert)
-10610 No more objects
-10611 Flash card erase in progress
-10612 Card is full
-10613 No more blocks left in search on flash card
-10614 Flash card log is full
-10615 Card needs to be formatted
-10616 Bad or unknown PSSID
-10617 Card memory is full
-10618 Missing or low battery on SRAM card
-10619 Attempt to modify store without a transaction in effect
-10620 Transaction aborted
-10621 Card needs recovery, but it is write-protected
-10622 Object too large for store

DMA Errors

These are the DMA errors

Error Code Description
-10800 DMA mode
-10801 DMA bus access
-10802 DMA buffer doesn’t exist
-10803 DMA address word alignment
-10804 DMA count word alignment
-10805 DMA count size
-10806 DMA offset size
-10820 DMA PCMCIA ready
-10821 DMA PCMCIA input acknowledgment
-10822 DMA PCMCIA write protect
-10823 DMA PCMCIA time out

Heap Errors

These are the heap errors

Error Code Description
-10900 Heap odd block size
-10901 Heap block out of range
-10902 Heap preferred free not found
-10903 Heap free accounting error
-10904 Heap accounting error
-10905 Heap block too big
-10906 Heap bad prior pointer
-10907 Heap bad last pointer in prior
-10908 Heap bad last pointer in last
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